7 Aug 2011

[BAND] A Death Among Heroes

A Death Among Heroes has been a band since 2008, based out of metro Detroit Michigan. A Death Among Heroes is a 5-piece metal,alternative band, Scott/Vocals,Synth | Tyler/Guitar,Vocals | Joe/Bass | Willy/Lead Guitar | Josh/Drums, with all members having different tastes in music, they have found a happy medium that they are all satisfied with. They have already created a strong local following by playing shows as much as possible in all the different places they can! A Death Among Heroes has already shared the stage with some of their genres most well known bands such as Miss May I [Rise], Agraceful [Sumerian], We Came As Romans [Equal Vision], For The Fallen Dreams [Rise], Of Machines [Rise], I See Stars [Sumerian], and Suicide Silence[Century Media] just to name a few. With their heads held high, they plan on pursuing this band to the fullest and making it a career.
Their new members, Scott Beatty/Vocals | Tyler James/Guitar,Vocals | Nick Tansy/Lead GuitarMichael Davidson/Drums



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A Death Among Heroes - Album

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Stand Strong Track Listing:
1. Miffy Never Saw It Coming
2. Michael Nicewonder Is The Next Big Thing
3. It Can't Rain All The Time
4. Interlude
5. Downhill Wheelchair Racing
6. Five Feet And Digging


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