20 Aug 2011

[BAND] Massacre By Fall

A 5 piece post-hardcore/screamo band influences mostly from various bands worldwide. Began in early 2008 with "Our Last Date" as the band name. Named "Massacre By Fall" at the end of 2008. The band is based @ Kuala Lumpur.Current line up; RANGGA(vocal), WAN(guitar), DANIEL (guitar), EMMET(bass) & ADEK (drum) .

The Band Massacre by Fall practically began the JUST SCREAM MUSIC record label, beginning with RANGGA (Ameer Nazrin Moore) Being the president, soon then, JUST SCREAM MUSIC began to have new members, and now the band were able to concentrate on their music instead of the label, except for RANGGA of course.

Massacre by Fall had most of its influence following the Indonesian screamo scene and mixing it a bit with their own malay "sound" to produce a new hybrid in a way. Massacre by Fall is one of the only screamo bands in Malaysia to use most "malay" language in their songs, and they have use it as a trademark for their band.


Hello guys, how are you?
We're good man, whats up?

We would like to ask some questions about your band, if you don't mind?
No worries, ask away..

Okey first, how did you come up with the band name?
Well the name began originally with "Our Last Date" back in 2008, we changed the name in 2009, back then we were more an emo band compared to what we are now. Rangga came up with "Massacre by Fall" which meant "pembunuhan pada masa senja" it was a combination between screamo and a bit of metal at the same time, we basically wanted to change the whole emo conception.

How does it feel to be in a professionally signed band?
Well we are not under any professional label, but instead we joined in a label that RANGGA made, which is JUST SCREAM MUSIC.

Owh, great!
Okey, where is your hometown?
We're basically all around betweeen Selayang,Gombak, Shah Alam and Mont Kiara, but we often go to THE BANDSHOP when it comes to jam sessions

Erm, do the people back at home support you?
I apologized for being asked personal questions.
Haha, its okay bro, we dont mind the personal questions, hmm.. well most of us do not get much of the support from our family because its not MAINSTREAM -___-'', but alhamdulillah so far so good, i mean, if they dont support its not much of a problem as long as they dont interfere.. haha..

Okay, to the next question. Who is your idol and why?
Our idol? damn,, haha, well we usually like to answer that question by saying that its A SKYLIT DRIVE and ALESANA. but lately for our own music, we have been trying to create our own identity by not actually following a certain band, we dont like to be labeled as a copy band, so we are trying to work on that, haha

And what's your favorite song of all time?
Hmm.. i dont think we can answer that because there like a looooot! haha, but mostly comes from bands like A SKYLIT DRIVE, ALESANA, WOE IS ME, ASKING ALEXANDRIA, WE CAME AS ROMANS, TEXAS IN JULY (These are fav songs from bands, not influences)

Haha, okey.
What's the most bizarre thing to happen while you guys were onstage?
The most bizarre thing i would have to say during our show in KUANTAN, it was the first time for us to perform there, so we thought that no one is gonna be there when we perform, so we were like, "shit, do they even know our song?" but then it turned out fantastic! there were stage dives, headbangs, and countless people singing a long! we were so happy that day!

Do you guys have any other hobbies, besides making music?
Hobbies? hmm, as a band dont have any certain hobbies, although we do like poking our friend PENYU cause he is "Melatah" haha, so i would consider that as a hobby? haha. but individually he have our own hobbies obviously.

haha, fun!
Erm, You guys have a new album out soon or gigs coming up?
Yes, we do have an album coming out in 2012, it will be out in february or march hopefully. Gigs? yes alhamdulillah, we do have some major upcoming gigs coming up, besides the normal weekly gigs in KL, we do have some other gigs in penang happening in september, we have the JUST SCREAM MUSIC BAND TOUR happening in october, Jakarta on the 28th-3rd of october, KLCC (The event is organized by numerous labels, JUST SCREAM being one of them) in november and CRAZNOCKZ FEST in december 2011, CRAZNOCKZ FEST is organized by CRAZNOCKZ malaysia, SHAH ALAM CHAOS CRIMINALS and JUST SCREAM MUSIC. it will be also participated by Indonesian bands and Singaporean bands.

If you guys touring soon, Who was your favourite band to tour with?
Touring? haha, hmm.. i would say we love to tour with SEKUMPULAN ORANG GILA, CORSETS, THE ONLY CURE IS DYING, HEART A TACK, EVIDENCE SPEAKS, BALLAD FOR LAYLA, THY REGIMENT and SECOND COMBAT. These bands are awesome, they have been close friends with us and they had helped us a lot during recordings and shows.

For last question, do you enjoy being a celebrity?
Celebrity? hahaha, whos the celebrity? haha, no we're not celebrities, we're just kids trying to create something that is able to "click" with other people

What are your hopes for the near future?
Our hopes is to be able to reach out to every ear in Malaysia, we hope to create better material for the fans and friends, we are just so thankful where we are now, everyone has been so nice to us, we just would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts, and that we love you all so much!

and finally we would like to thank NEST for being a good sport and for helping us expose our material, keep up the good work you guys, much love from us, MASSACRE BY FALL

Alright, thank you for giving us a little time.
No problem bro.


Sep 17          AFTER RAYA GIG @ Soundmaker Penang, Malaysia
Sep 24          VISION EYES Tour @ ONE CAFE Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Oct 01          Massacre by Fall @ Sekumpulan Orang Gila ATTACK!! Jakarta, Indonesia
Oct 02          Massacre by Fall @ Sekumpulan Orang Gila ATTACK!! Jakarta, Indonesia
Oct 08          TBC @ SOUNDMAKER Penang, Malaysia
Oct 29          DIVIDE live in Malaysia @ ONE CAFE Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nov 26         MYMC FEST @ ONE CAFE Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dec 25         Craznockz Fest @ KL LIVE (TBC) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



The "Beginning of What's Left Behind" [EP] has been released in early 2010. Currently, the band has released a few singles such as "Jejak Langkah" in 2009 and "Harapan Palsu" in 2009

Availability: (In stock / Sold Out)
(RM _.__)
Massacre By Fall - EP
  • Audio CD (2010)
  • Original Release Date: 2010
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Format: EP

1. The Beginning of What's Left Behind (Intro)
2. Are You Real?
3. It's Over (Bitch)
4. Jejak Langkah

New album of Massacre by Fall will be released early 2012, 10 tracks
full tracks still in progress,
The album consists of:

Jejak Langkah, Its Over (Bitch), Harapan Palsu, Melebihi Batas Kesabaran(NEW), We were a waste of time(NEW). 1 Surprise cover song .

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